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5 Tips for Winter Hydration

Winter is coming. No, we aren’t talking about the Game of Thrones return. We are talking about the need to focus on hydration during these upcoming cooler months. (It’s more our specialty.)

As fall quickly becomes winter, we often hear people say that they don’t feel thirsty or don’t have the desire to drink as much water when temperatures drop. There’s a reason for feeling this way, as cold air triggers the body to reserve heat and maintain fluid balance. When cold, your body decreases blood flow to your extremities and increases blood flow to your core. Your brain reads this core blood...

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Hydrate - The Polar Vortex is draining your electrolytes!

By Vishal Patel It’s not often we talk about the NFL on our blog, but just like every other athlete, football players need to hydrate too, especially in the winter. A couple weeks ago, much of the country got hit with a cold front that was tagged as the “Polar Vortex.” With temperatures reaching as low as 20 to 30 below, not only was the air cold and dry, humidity was up as well.  All of these factors increase the risk for dehydration. Something very interesting I noticed while watching the San Francisco 49ers battle the Green Bay Packers that Sunday was how...

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Winter Hydration Tips for Athletes

By Vishal Patel, Nuun Hydration Nutritionist The New York City Marathon is usually a nice indication that fall is coming to an end, but as we shift gears into winter with athletes beginning their off-season programs it's safe to say that many don’t stop training! Should I hydrate less in the winter? During the winter we hear a lot from our consumers that they tend to not drink as much water or Nuun as compared to summer months, and generally it’s due to the perception that we do not sweat as much when it’s colder. That theory may be true at times, however, many...

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Crystal Wright Wins Freeskiing World Tour

  [caption id="attachment_2569" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Crystal celebrating a podium finish earlier this season."][/caption] Congratulations to Crystal Wright who won the Freeskiing World Tour on April 7!  You can read all about it on the Freeskiing World Tour site, but Crystal's been fighting  hard and staying hydrated this year, and we've been cheering her on every step of the way. (From the Freeskiing World Tour) Heading into the finals, the ladies field was filled with suspense, as the battle for the McConkey Cup came down to Crystal Wright and Angel Collinson’s final run of the season. Posting a huge score of 34.23 today was Jackson Hole’s Crystal Wright, as her...

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Athlete Video: Sean Busby in the Yukon

Athlete Sean Busby just sent us a video edit straight from his scouting expedition in the Yukon. Take a look and you'll see a sample of Sean's average day of earning turns in Klondike country. Daily life at base camp - a tiny off-the-grid cabin way out in the wilderness - includes "beautiful peaks, grizzlies, and moose," says Sean. Well, looks beautiful to us! See if you can spot Nuun!

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What Exactly IS Synchronized Skating? Let the Goldenettes Tell You!

Here at Nuun we support all kinds of athletes in all kinds of pursuits. Hydration is a key part of any endeavor but as the weather changes and it gets frosty outside we are making an effort to highlight some of our cold weather ambassadors. These athletes know hydration is just as important for them and in order to perform their best on and off the frozen stuff, the Goldenettes have discovered Nuun is their secret weapon. They are a relatively new team, in a relatively unknown sport. They are on a mission, and poised to glide into great success...

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Winter Hydration: Do you REALLY know the facts?

NUUN: Hydration in Winter is more than water. Hydration = water + electrolytes. Proper hydration means giving your body adequate amounts of water in proportion to electrolyte replacement. While many winter athletes have a refined fuel regimen, very few have put the same thought into a hydration regime. Nuun’s recommendation for optimal performance and safety on the slopes starts with proper hydration before you even put on your puffy jacket! Staying on top of hydration may be even more important for winter athletes. In the cold you feel all of the same negative effects on performance, but dehydration in a winter environment can...

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Crystal Wright and Friends Summer Skiing the Tetons

Nuun Ambassador Crystal Wright and friends enjoy the deep snowpack of Wyoming into June. A long approach ( no skiing footage, dead batteries ) into the Wind River Range, and classic lines in the Teton Range.  

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Holly Brooks ‘Cleans Up’ at West Yellowstone Super Tour

Holly Brooks, Olympic Skate Skier and Nuun Athlete Ambassador, knows a thing or two about staying hydrated when teeth are a-chattering. Originally from Washington, Holly spends most of her time training in Anchorage, AK, and never clicks in without having Nuun nearby. “I love the simple, satisfying taste of Nuun and the knowledge that I'm giving my body what it needs to train and race...and the lack of feeling bloated is a bonus! I wish I would have known about Nuun 2 yrs ago. I suffered from Exertional Rhabdomyolosis, which is basically severe muscle damage because I was so dehydrated. I passed out...

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