field marketing specialist

sport: Running

location: chicago

favorite way to use nuun: after a long run

Robby comes to Nuun with a passion for endurance sports and learning from those long-haul endeavors. With a background in marathoning and trail running, Robby wishes to conquer the weekend-long ultra runs which combine mountains, valleys, headlamps, and everything in between.

When he isn’t grinding out miles in the windy city, Robby likes to write songs with his trusty guitars that have helped him make music since the early days. Taking on multiple hobbies and passions seems to be a hobby in itself as Robby is continually looking for new adventures. Never resting on his current accomplishments, he dreams of surfing, climbing, and reliving the rebellious skateboard years. (minus the bruises)

A favorite way to enjoy Nuun is Tropical flavor, on ice. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice sometimes finds its way in the mix as well. Robby believes it is never too early for a hint of the tropics in the bitter cold months of Chicago!

robby's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Energy : Mango Orange

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