Sales Coordinator

sport: Adventure, Fitness

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: Put half of a tab in a glass of champagne and celebrate!

Emma is a born and raised Seattle native, who spent her youth playing basketball, volleyball, and running track. Her first love was ballet, a relationship she maintained for 13 years. Emma is the “central nervous system” for our GDS team, acting as the point of contact for all accounts as well as our Nuun reps across the country.

As an avid hiker and snowboarder, Emma enjoys spending her weekends exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband. When not immersed in the scenic backdrops of Seattle, Emma spends a great deal of her time at an animal shelter, caring for little critters. She and her husband are living the Seattle lifestyle with their bunnies, or as Emma calls them, “fluff-bombs;” Obi-Bun Kenobi and Rorschach.

“I love hiking because I love wildlife, waterfalls, and old growth. Not to mention climbing a mountain is the literal metaphor of achievement, and I love the idea of that.”