assistant brand manager

sport: Cycling, Outdoor, Running, Triathlon

location: San Diego, CA

favorite way to use nuun: I like to wash down homemade bacon spaghetti muffins mid-ride with an ice cold Kona Cola!

Situated down in the Southern part of the Golden State is our very own U.S. Navy Veteran Chris. As purveyor of fine electrolytes for the field marketing team, Chris is responsible for creating brand and product awareness through community outreach and partnership with retailers in an effort to better educate the masses on the nutrition of Nuun.

In his spare time, Chris has his hands in a little bit of everything outdoor related, ranging from triathlon, ultra marathons, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and swimming. He also enjoys happy hour, traveling, eating delicious foods, and drinking coffee.

Noteworthy Quirk: He has a weakness for bacon wrapped dates and poutine.