Q & A with Nuun Ambassador, Katie

Katie Van Riper

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into skiing.

I was born and raised in a tiny town called Carrabassett Valley, Maine.  This small town is the home to Sugarloaf Ski Area which has a long legacy of being the training ground for winter sports athletes. It also boasts one of the best ski academies in the country. Weekend ski programs were cheaper than day care, and easier for my parents who worked for the academy and then for the resort while I was growing up. It was just kind of the natural progression if you were athletic and your parents were in the industry to end up as a skier. When you’re in middle school ski racing is all about your friends and I had such an awesome group of buddies that just loved to be on the mountain going fast.

2.) What is a typical week of training for you?

I’m always running! I run around five days a week these days, which is pretty counter-intuitive and unique for someone raised in Alpine racing. Over the years I have just learned to love running. I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing where my own feet can take me. I love that it is an activity I can do anywhere on the planet, solo… just blast the jams and go. It’s important to me to have a chunk of alone time everyday and I like finding that in running. The ski trails in the West are longer, steeper and often involve boot packing and hiking (especially when working with photographers) so I’m always thankful to have a higher level of aerobic capacity.

Of course I have to remind myself sometimes that I am still a downhill skier, and that strong legs and core strength are really, really, really important. Plus I have learned this the hard way through several knee surgeries. I haven’t had a gym membership in years, so I always have to get a little creative with squats, wall sits, planks, and tons of other core but regardless of the lack of gym equipment I usually still figure out a way to kick my own butt.

3.) How do you stay properly fueled and hydrated throughout?

I have learned so much about hydrating since living in Utah; it’s so dry here! Coming from Maine where everything is so humid, it’s easy to forget and to put hydration on the bottom of your priority list. If I run in Utah without water, especially when at high elevation or in high heat I feel it almost immediately. I’ve learned if I go for a run in Utah without a water bottle, I’m going to have a bad time. As it’s gotten cooler, it’s been a little bit easier to leave the water bottle at home. (AKA it’s not total torture to do without it.) Before going for a run,  I’ll try and go through at least two big water bottles whilel I sit at my desk. If I throw in a Nuun tab I can usually make it through three. ( :

4.) What’s your favorite flavor of Nuun both on and off the slopes?I’m a Watermelon addict regardless of the season! It is hands down my favorite flavor so I always do a big stock up while it’s available over the summer. A close second is the Cherry Limeade, now in Nuun Energy for a little extra pick me up.

5.) What’s your favorite part about being a Nuun ambassador?

I love the community of active people – there are so many runners, bikers, and true endurance athletes! I’ve been around action sports my whole life, so I love seeing a different side of athleticism and commitment. It motivates me to keep pushing myself to continue pursuing those sports. The longest race I have done is a 10k (Hello Beach to Beacon!), but since being a Nuun Ambassador I’ve become super inspired to try some longer distances in my daily runs and my goal for 2015 is to do a marathon– something that wasn’t even on my radar before.

Interested in applying the 2015 Ambassador Program? Click here. 

2015 Nuun Ambassador Program now open for applications

The Nuun Ambassador program is now open for applications for 2015 membership!

If you’re interested in representing Nuun and sharing Nuun Love take a look at the program requirements and apply.

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Nuun Ambassador Program

Do you use Nuun regularly during training, daily activities or to stay hydrated as part of a healthy lifestyle? Are you influential in your community and willing to endorse Nuun? If so, the Nuun Ambassador program may be for you!

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The Nuun Ambassador program is designed for people who are passionate about staying hydrated, no matter what activity or sport they play. They are motivated, enthusiastic, and are willing to spread what we call “NuunLove” to others within their daily lives, sport, and community.

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Post Nuun logo on website/blog
  • Follow and interact with Nuun on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Tag Nuun in social media posts when relevant and use specific hashtags when asked
  • Participate, when requested, to be a guest blogger on Nuun’s blog
  • Keep Nuun up-to-date on your race schedule and results
  • Provide photos of yourself hydrating with Nuun
  • Wear Nuun logo on your person when competing. This could be a hat, visor, shirt, tattoo, or water bottle.
  • Exclusive use of Nuun as your only hydration product
  • Participation, when requested, to help Nuun at local events

What you get as an Ambassador

  • Discount on Nuun products
  • Occasional free swag
  • Recognition on Nuun’s website in the form of a bio
  • Get exposure of your successes via Nuun’s social media
  • Hear about new flavors, product, events, etc. before anyone else
  • Opportunities to race with Nuun, free race registrations (when available), etc.
  • Support from Nuun on special projects like events, giveaways, etc.


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If you’re interested, we invite you to apply! Please note, the Nuun Ambassador program is limited to athletes within the United States. Application will be open through Wednesday, November 26th.


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Do I have to be a professional athlete to apply for the Ambassador Program?

No. The Ambassador program consists of both professional and non-professional athletes alike.

What if I’m an elite/professional athlete looking for a partnership?

We do not offer cash sponsorships, but do have an elite level of our Ambassador program. All applications need to be submitted to form linked above and Nuun will decide what level of the Ambassador program you belong to.

When can I apply for the ambassador program?

The application window is open at the end of November each year

How long does a membership in the Ambassador program last?

One calendar year. All Ambassadorships end on December 31st regardless of when you are accepted.

Does Nuun offer monetary or full product sponsorships?

At this time, Nuun does not offer monetary sponsorships. Product sponsorships are on a case-by-case basis.

 Apply for the 2015 Nuun Ambassador Program here. 

The Benefits of Nuun All-Day

For athletes, the winter is a time to take a step back, reflect on the successes of the year and start planning for future races. Most also start to focus on building up their base and strengthening weaknesses before heading into the upcoming season. But as the seasons begin to change, and temperatures begin to drop it is also important to do all the little things to help keep your body running and healthy through the winter months.


A key component to staying healthy through the winter months is maintaining proper fluid balance by staying hydrated. Consuming more water throughout the day has many benefits, but in the winter, as the cold and flu season arrives, it’s even more crucial. The easiest way to ensure your immune system is running properly is to keep the fluid intake up. A challenge can arise however; drinking plain water can get bland, and often drinking too much plain water can be wasteful, as you need a bit of sodium to help ensure the water is absorbed properly.

Consuming an adequate intake of certain vitamins and minerals can help not only ensure your immune system is in check, but it can also help with consistent energy levels throughout the day (through B vitamins), and aid in keeping your bones and muscles strong during training. Nuun All Day is available in four flavors, and contains a blend of 17 vitamins & minerals that help your drink more water, while getting moderate levels of crucial nutrients.

Each tablet contains a blend of:

 Vitamins A, C, & E + Zinc for immune support

 Vitamins D, Magnesium, & Manganese – for bone health and support

 Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12, & Pantothenic Acid – for energy metabolism,

aids in skin and eye health

 Thiamin – aids in carbohydrate metabolism and nervous tissue function

 Vitamin B6 – aids in macronutrient metabolism

 Sodium – for water retention (absorption)

 Potassium & Magnesium – for increased muscle function

 Light, refreshing flavors

 Nothing artificial

Nuun All Day comes in 4 flavors: Grapefruit Orange, Tangerine Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Grape Raspberry.

Which flavor will you try first?

5 Tips for Winter Hydration

Winter is coming. No, we aren’t talking about the Game of Thrones return. We are talking about the need to focus on hydration during these upcoming cooler months. (It’s more our specialty.)


As fall quickly becomes winter, we often hear people say that they don’t feel thirsty or don’t have the desire to drink as much water when temperatures drop. There’s a reason for feeling this way, as cold air triggers the body to reserve heat and maintain fluid balance. When cold, your body decreases blood flow to your extremities and increases blood flow to your core. Your brain reads this core blood and can mistake it for water, and when it does your thirst doesn’t effectively grow at the same rate with which you’re losing water!

So what does all this mean?

It means that you may be sweating up a storm come January and not feel thirst triggered enough to reach for your water bottle!

Here are some tips that we recommend following to make sure you stay hydrated this winter, no matter the workout or weather:

5 Tips for Winter Hydration

1.) Start Out Hydrated to Stay Hydrated

  • Drink 16-20 oz of of Nuun two hours before you exercise
  • Drink 4-6 oz every 15 minutes while active

2.) Replenish Your Water Loss

  • Before heading out for your exercise, weigh in for a baseline
  • Upon return, weigh in to determine how much water was lost
  • Drink 20-24 oz of Nuun for each pound lost

3.) Have a Hydration Plan

  • Carry a belt or stash some bottles along your route

4.) Pay Attention to Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration and Inadequate Fluid Stores.

  • Post-run headaches, muscles cramping, fatigue are all signals that your body needs water and electrolytes!

5.) Add Nuun to Your Recovery Regimen

  • Drink Nuun Active for recovery
  • Make Nuun Tea
    • Let your favorite flavor of Nuun dissolve. Warm up & enjoy!
    • Suggestions: Grapefruit Orange or Tangerine Lime