Nuun Energy: Caffeine and Performance

Our new product Nuun Energy, is the same hydration-focused Nuun you know and love – no sugars, optimal electrolyte blends, and light refreshing taste – but with added ingredients to help elevate and boost performance. In combination, the caffeine and b vitamins added into Nuun Energy help athletes to gain and sustain additional energy while participating in sport.

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Caffeine is commonly and openly used as a performance-enhancing ingredient, but what are the pros and cons to doing so, and are there any side effects?

It has been proven that a low to moderate intake of caffeine before a workout is linked to increased performance and decreased onset of fatigue (1). However many athletes are concerned about a misnomer: that caffeine has a diuretic and dehydrating effect.

A recent study showed that consumption of four, 6 to 7 oz cups of coffee per day did not have a detrimental effect on hydration status compared with a control group that drank water (2). In the study several measurements were taken to accurately assess the hydration status of the subjects, who continually showed comparable hydration status, therefore exposing that caffeine (when combined with fluids) does not have an effect on total body water replacement.

Dehydration is certainly a limiter to speed, strength, and athletic ability, however along with performance boosting caffeine Nuun Energy provides the critical components (electrolytes) needed need to make the most of water consumed.

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So how does Caffeine enhance you performance?

Increased Alertness

It works on a number of levels. Caffeine causes changes in the Central Nervous System (CNS), by increasing your alertness, decreasing reactions; it can help the perceived effort seem less (3). Caffeine can also stimulate blood circulation and heart function (1). All of those components can help give you a competitive edge.  

Efficient Fueling

Caffeine also theoretically helps spare glycogen. It works by elevating free-fatty acids (FFA) in the blood. This elevation helps muscles use FFA rather than glycogen (1).

Masks Perceived Effort

One study recently published looked at the effect of caffeine on aerobic and anaerobic power. The results of the study showed that individual dosage of caffeine increase aerobic output, and at the same time decrease heart rate. More evidence points to the theory that caffeine can help mask perceived effort (1).  Many other, well-conducted studies show that a moderate-to-low intake of caffeine prior to exercise can help increase performance (4).

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How should I use caffeine to elevate my performance?

It’s important to note that individual results may vary when using caffeine to enhance athletic performance. It is crucial to find your personal tolerance, as it has been well studied that an overconsumption of caffeine provides no additional benefits, and may actually cause some side effects.

For those reasons it is recommended to train and let your body adapt to Nuun Energy before using in competition.


Nuun Energy contains 40 mg of caffeine (a moderate amount) about 1/3 of  a cup of coffee. The electrolytes in combination with fluids may offset some side effects of caffeine intake.

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Elevate Your Performance with New Nuun Energy!

We know that athletes demand the most innovative products to help them achieve their personal goals, and we’re excited to announce the launch our new product to boost your performance!


Elevate Your Performance

Here at Nuun we are healthy. We don’t do high-fructose anything. We are athletes.  And we need energy too. Why? Because we woke before the sun to get in some human-powered mileage before dressing our kids for school.  We ate lunch at our desks so we could spend our lunch-break breaking a sweat.  And we spent our evening packing for our weekend adventure instead of recharging our batteries on a couch. (And thanks but no-thanks on growing wings (so not-aero).)

Nuun Energy was created with the athlete in mind; it contains a unique blend of B Vitamins, caffeine, and electrolytes.   It contains zero added sugar, has a light refreshing taste and provides a low calorie source for optimal hydration + energy metabolism.


Introducing Nuun Energy

Nuun has always been about hydration first; convenience, portability and environmental responsibility next.  But Energy has always been on our minds.  We’ve always wanted to deliver that extra boost to our athletes, while staying true to ourselves.  Now we’re here to tell you that we’ve done just that.

We‘ve taken our essential electrolyte mix and elevated it with a caffeine boost, and energizing B Vitamins.  No Sugar.  No space program. No 2000% of anything.  Nuun Energy provides the essentials for performance through balanced hydration and sustained energy.


Why Use Nuun Energy?

HYDRATION: The electrolytes you need to make the most of your water

FASTER FUELING: B Vitamins to turn carbohydrates into accessible fuel

GET A LIFT: Caffeine levels energize your mind and body without the crash

LOW CALORIE: Zero added sugars, under 12 calories per serving

TASTE: Light and refreshing

PLANET-FRIENDLY: Available in our signature and environmentally friendly recyclable container

Nuun Energy is available in three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Wild Berry, and Lemon Lime. It comes in the same effervescent tablet as our other lines of product, and one tablet is recommended for 16 oz of water.

Look for future blogs on the benefits of B Vitamins & Caffeine, and how they can enhance your sport performance.  And for more information visit our product page to learn more!

Three Things Thursday: When to Drink Nuun

By Vishal Patel

When you work at Hydration HQ there are two questions you get asked, a lot.

1. How much Nuun should I drink? (Answered here)

2. When should I drink Nuun?

Just like all nutritional needs, your personal optimal usage will depend on a variety of factors such as frequency of your activity, the duration of your activity, environmental factors, and fitness.  However, there are still three specific times that we recommend drinking Nuun: before training, during training, and after training.

3 reasons to drink Nuun before your training:

  1. Zero-sugar, no artificial flavors/colors eliminates many pre-race stomach issues, and avoids glucose spikes.
  2. High, complete electrolyte profile (Na, K, Mg, Ca, + Na Bicarbonate) helps keep muscles hydrated prior to exercise.
  3. Electrolyte based water can help retain fluid, and keep electrolytes flowing within bloodstream – plain water can often flush such critical nutrients out of your system.



 3 reasons to drink Nuun during your training:

  1. Separating nutrition & hydration – Nuun’s low calorie, zero sugar products allows athletes to use alternate products for their caloric needs.
  2. Zero-sugar, low calorie decreases the occurrence of overconsumption of calories (from fluids)
  3. Optimal electrolyte profile helps the athlete replace nutrients lost via sweat, for example Sodium Bicarbonate can help buffer lactic acid, and delay onset of fatigue.

 3 reasons to drink Nuun after your training:

  1. Replenish lost fluids and electrolytes helps restore energy levels to get you ready for the next workout.
  2. Research has shown that caffeine helps the recovery process by re-generating glycogen (stored fuel) – try our caffeine enhanced Cherry Limeade!
  3. Promotes post-exercise fluid intake – without sacrificing added calories.

As a general rule of thumb: drink towards thirst (without exceeding 20 oz per hour), when exercising longer than 90 minutes, look to take in some sort of carbohydrate rich energy source (gels, chews, bars, etc.), and be sure to replenish lost fluids post-workout.

Ten Things Tuesday: Water & Your Body

By Vishal Patel          

Consuming an adequate amount of water every day can serve many roles in keeping your body functioning properly. Here at the top 10 things that water does to keep your body healthy and functioning:

Nuunbassador Kevin always keeps a bottle of water and a Nuun tab by his side to make sure he stays hydrated.

Nuunbassador Kevin always keeps a bottle of water and a Nuun tab by his side to make sure he stays hydrated.

10 Roles Water plays in Your Body

  1. Lubricates joints & cushions organs and tissues
  2. Helps digest food – through saliva, water helps absorb nutrients
  3. Transports Glucose, Oxygen, Fats and other nutrients to working muscles
  4. Muscle Glycogen contains a significant amount of water
  5. Diverts metabolic by-products (CO2 + Lactic Acid)
  6. Eliminates waste through urine
  7. Releases heat through sweat
  8. Serves as a coolant in extreme weather conditions
  9. 2/3 of your BODY is Water!
  10. You Can’t Live Without It!! Well sort of, you can’t go about three days without water

The easiest way start taking the right steps towards a healthy lifestyle is just to simply drink more water. Consider replacing sugary soft drinks and fruit juices, with plain water, or try Nuun All Day!

Before and after a long run, make the most of your water by adding Nuun to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat.

Before and after a long run, make the most of your water by adding Nuun to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat.

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