Nuun Runs Ragnar Trail Zion

Nuun ventured to Southern Utah this past weekend to run Ragnar Trail Zion. With our camping gear, running shoes, lots of snacks and an adventurous attitude, we set off for a weekend of beautiful trails and little sleep. Little did we know what mother nature would add to the mix…

To tell the story of our weekend, we’ll let the photos do most the talking.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Home for the next 3 days: Zion Ponderosa Ranch

our 5 star campsite by Ned

A 5-star campsite!

Sean coffee

Getting caffeinated, Nuun style

Sean working

Sean filling up the coolers with delicious electrolytes

photo 3

Safety first! Team at safety meeting before our start.


And we’re off! Rira (in blue) starting Team Nuun off on the Green Loop: 3.1 miles


Catey coming in off the Yellow Loop: 4.6 miles (note, she is very pregnant and ROCKED this relay!)

Running out of exchange

Off on the Red Loop: 8.3 miles


Cheering on Bry from our campsite as she starts the Yellow Loop.

our nuun lights

As the sun set, the Nuun lights came on


And we huddled around the fire or in our sleeping bags to keep warm

Holly muddy

It started to rain and things got real muddy


The rain turned to snow and we came out of our tents in the morning to this

team pic

Team meeting in the morning to decide whether or not we’d continue to run in the conditions. At the same time, Ragnar canceled the relay, which was a smart call. Trails were very slick and lots of injured runners coming into the exchange.

Zion survivor (4)

Team Nuun survived Ragnar Trail Zion! Although the snow canceled the relay, we had a blast and can’t wait for next year!

Have you ran a Ragnar Trail Relay?


A Shoo-In for a Fun Race: Q &A With Calvy Click of Sneaker Report

Sunday’s Nike’s Women Half Marathon is special to Nuun for two reasons. First, we’re the official electrolyte sponsor of the Nike Women’s half marathon and marathon series. Second, we’ll have a team of fitness editors running the race, including Calvy Click, editor-in-chief of Sneaker Report, which covers performance gear and training news. Click is a regular at New York Road Runner races, most recently April 13’s More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon.


You’re a late entrant to the half. What are your goals for a long race you weren’t planning to do two weeks ago?

I did a half marathon April 13th, so I’m ready to go! Plenty of speed work and yoga in between has been helpful.

How will your training this week differ from what it usually is?

I’ll be traveling prior to this event, so I’ll squeeze in some extra stretching time.

Given your job at Sneaker Report, you know a lot more about running shoes than most people. What do you tell people to look for when selecting a shoe to wear in a half marathon?

Big question! It all depends on the type of runner in question, but my rules of thumb include making sure you have the right fit and having plenty of time in the shoe pre-race to make sure you’re comfortable.

What developing trends in running shoes most interest you?

Knitted uppers and maximum EVA underfoot is an exciting twist.

Women now make up more than 60% of finishers in U.S. half marathons. In 2014, what’s the role of women-only races like the Nike Women’s Half Marathon?

Races like the Nike Women’s Half Marathon definitely welcome and inspire women to run who might not otherwise. Now let’s work on those marathon numbers…

What’s your favorite type of Nuun?

I like the Strawberry Lemonade for sure!

Nuun’s Earth Day Sales Fund Planting in Seattle Forest

The West Duwamish Greenbelt, Seattle’s largest remaining forest, will soon be a little greener thanks to Nuun’s customers. Nuun dedicated to plant 10 trees and plants for each online sale from Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, to the Nature Consortium’s Urban Forest Restoration Program.

“The planet is our playground, and it is our responsibility to leave it better than we found it,” says Nuun CEO Kevin Rutherford. “Trees and plants purify the air, regulate climate, harbor wildlife, and conserve the water we depend on to hydrate.”


The greenbelt is located on the western slope of the Duwamish River, which is one of the most polluted rivers in the country. The West Duwamish Greenbelt is a vital resource for the wellness of the Pacific Northwest.

“As part of our restoration efforts, we are working to replant the forest with a diversity of native plants to compensate for the effects of logging, which occurred over 100 years ago, as well as the invasion of non-native weeds in the forest,” says Monica Thomas of the Nature Consortium.

As Thomas points out, the restoration program is about more than just trees.

“A healthy Pacific Northwest forest includes many layers – from the top of the tallest tree to the small succulent plants on the ground,” she says. “Nuun has partnered with us to install a diversity of native plants, including trees, shrubs, and groundcover species.”

Among the species that will be planted are Douglas fir, sword fern, evergreen huckleberry, vine maple, and fringe cup.

“This Earth Day program was our first such funding, but it definitely won’t be our last,” says Rutherford.

Team Spotlight: Wolfpack Triathlon Racing Team

Nuun sponsors a variety of teams: triathlon, running, cycling, volleyball, adventure racing, and more. The teams are made up of athletes who are just about as passionate about hydrating as they are about their sport. So you can get to know the teams that rely on Nuun, we have started a Team Spotlight blog series. Look for these posts every couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Team Name: Wolfpack Triathlon Racing Team
Location: Miami, FL
Favorite Nuun Flavor: There isn’t one we don’t like, but the ones with caffeine are the best!
Number of members: 14


The Wolfpack Triathlon Racing Team is a passionate group of South Florida athletes who have formed a pack to help one another achieve greatness in the sport of triathlon.  Like a pack of wolves, this team lives for the thrill of the hunt, always hunting before dawn, methodically stalking down their goals against the light of the moon, and howling with their packmates after another personal best is chased down.

Because a lone wolf is never as successful as a wolf that hunts in a pack, this Wolfpack hunts together to ensure the mutual success of their packmates.  Whether it’s a heart-pounding high-speed tempo training run, a quad-burning hammerfest on the bike, or a lung-bursting pool session, the Wolfpack is dedicated to giving their all, each and every time they train, for their own benefit and for the benefit of the pack.

We hunt joy.
We hunt success.
We hunt competition.
We hunt personal bests.
We hunt achievements.
We hunt excitement.
We hunt passion.
We hunt memories.
We hunt for ourselves and we hunt for each other.
We are the Wolfpack.

​When not training, a wolf can be spotted in its natural habitat – in a race or on the podium, enjoying the spoils of another successful hunt.  If you spot one of us, give us a friendly howl to let us know that you appreciate the thrill of the hunt as much as we do!

Why does the team use Nuun?
Working out in the heat and humidity of Miami is challenging. So we know how important hydration is. However, we avoid products that contain excessive amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients. With Nuun you are drinking enhanced water. So your body gets exactly what it needs to perform at a high level without the extra calories.

What cool stuff is the team up to this year?
Our big events this year include Ironman Frankfurt (European Championships), the USAT National Championships, the ITU World Championships and the 70.3 World Championships. We will have a minimum of 2 team members representing the Wolfpack at all of these events.

As much as we like to race, we also like to give back. On April 6, 2014, one of our athletes Cristina Ramirez became the able body for Kerry Gruson. We supported Cristina and Kerry throughout their journey, just like any pack would do. See the video here.

Connect with Wolfpack: