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Winter Hydration Tips for Athletes

By Vishal Patel, Nuun Hydration Nutritionist


The New York City Marathon is usually a nice indication that fall is coming to an end, but as we shift gears into winter with athletes beginning their off-season programs it’s safe to say that many don’t stop training!

Should I hydrate less in the winter?

During the winter we hear a lot from our consumers that they tend to not drink as much water or Nuun as compared to summer months, and generally it’s due to the perception that we do not sweat as much when it’s colder. That theory may be true at times, however, many other factors come into play to determine how much fluid you need. For instance, winter air is cold and dry, that in turn will lead to an increase in thirst – a sign of dehydration.

Note: a mere 2% loss in body-water content has been noted to cause dehydration leading to a decrease in athletic performance.

But I feel like I sweat less in the winter!

Yes, in the winter it may seem as if you are not sweating as much. On top of dry air affecting your hydration status, the regulation of your internal body temperature (thermoregulation) has a tough time adjusting to the drastic changes.

The cold air triggers your body to try to reserve heat and maintain fluid balance by decreasing the release of heat (through sweat). But what we often forget is that runners tend to add layer upon layer of clothing to help keep the body warm. This increase of layers will cause your skin temperature to increase, which can lead to heat needing to be released (through sweat). So, in some instances we can actually sweat more due to winter layering and taking too drastic of an approach to stay warm.

Ways to balance the cold weather and your body temperature:

  • Shed layers after a thorough warm-up
  • Keep key areas covered and warm: your feet (this will be taken care of by the constant pounding), your ears (wear a hat or headband), and your hands (gloves!).


Hypothermia & Hydration

Hypothermia is a concern for athletes who partake in cold weather sports at high altitude. Mountain air is most difficult to breathe due to the very cold and very dry nature of air at altitude. But oftentimes the difficulty breathing is the result of a decrease in blood volume flowing freely through your heart and on to working muscles. Having proper fluid balance with electrolytes will help get blood to wear it needs to go, and help muscles function properly.

Air Humidity & Hydration

The last factor to take into account is the high levels of humidity in the mornings.  The combination of cold, dry air, and more moisture in the air will increase the occurrence of dehydration.  Knowing how much to drink is just as crucial as going into your workout adequately hydrated! The cardinal rule is to drink according to thirst, without exceeding 20 oz per hour. Also, it’s never a bad time to take a sweat test to determine your sweat loss.

Nuun’s Tips for Winter Hydration:

  • Have a hydration plan – carry a belt or stash some bottles along your route.
  • Be well hydrated prior to your activity – drink Nuun Active Hydration the night before/morning of your key workouts.
  • Aim to drink 3-4 liters of water per day – drink Nuun All Day packed with all-natural vitamins and minerals!
  • Be sure to include Nuun in your recovery regimen – have a glass of warm lemon tea post run. Bonus: caffeine has been known to enhance glycogen re-synthesis speeding up the recovery process
  • As always pay attention to signs and symptoms of dehydration and inadequate fluid stores. Post-run headaches, muscle cramping, and fatigue are all signals that your body needs water and electrolytes!


Athlete Video: Sean Busby in the Yukon

Athlete Sean Busby just sent us a video edit straight from his scouting expedition in the Yukon.

Take a look and you’ll see a sample of Sean’s average day of earning turns in Klondike country. Daily life at base camp – a tiny off-the-grid cabin way out in the wilderness – includes “beautiful peaks, grizzlies, and moose,” says Sean. Well, looks beautiful to us!

See if you can spot Nuun!

Winter Hydration: Do you REALLY know the facts?

NUUN: Hydration in Winter is more than water.

Hydration = water + electrolytes.

Proper hydration means giving your body adequate amounts of water in proportion to electrolyte replacement. While many winter athletes have a refined fuel regimen, very few have put the same thought into a hydration regime. Nuun’s recommendation for optimal performance and safety on the slopes starts with proper hydration before you even put on your puffy jacket!
Staying on top of hydration may be even more important for winter athletes. In the cold you feel all of the same negative effects on performance, but dehydration in a winter environment can quickly lead to hypothermia, AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) at elevation, and  increased chance of frostbite. Hydration is the key to staying out longer and staying safer in a winter environment.

Dylan takes a photo of Chad's Nuun Tea Thermos in Changping Valley, China



When its cold outside you just don’t have the triggers associated with thirst. Your body is working hard and sweat evaporates quickly in cold, dry air so you don’t have that sweaty workout feeling to drive you to your Lemon Lime or Strawberry Lemonade Nuun. Most folks have a hard time drinking plain water even in summer so Nuun’s light flavors ensure better hydration by enticing you to drink more when its cold outside. Some Nuun fans like Dylan Johnson and Chad Kellogg like to drink it hot! They take their ‘Nuun Tea’ of all flavors on multiple day treks and first ascents all over the world.

There is also a situation that is unique to cold weather that can make or break your performance, but its tricky… not triple flip in the half-pipe tricky, but let us explain….


Holly at the Eagle Glacier summer training facility outside Anchorage AK.





We all know that when you sweat you loose fluids. Normally your body would register that you are loosing fluid and tell you to ‘drink Nuun!’ and to stop the kidneys from getting rid of water; in other words, ‘no more yellow snow!’ You probably also know that your body decreases blood flow to the your extremities when its cold outside, it wants to hold all that heat in while you are on the chair lift! So here is the tricky part; all of that blood has rushed away from your extremities to your core to keep you toasty so there is more fluid than normal in your core. When this happens your body and brain don’t register that you have lost any fluid! You could be having the best ski run of your life, and obviously you are working hard, but you still don’t feel thirsty! Whoops. It won’t be long before your performance suffers. Just ask Holly Brooks a Yellowstone Supertour winner and 2010 winter Olympian in Nordic Skiing. She suffered from dehydration that put her into the ER before she found Nuun!


Sean on an expedition in Antarctica. Can you snowboard an iceberg?! ;)

You actually absorb more fluid with Nuun than with water or a sports drink that has sugar and carbohydrates. Nuun doubles the amount of water your body actually absorbs to promote proper bodily balance for performance and safety. Just talk to Sean Busby, one of our ambassadors who is a pro big mountain snowboarder. Sean drinks Grape Nuun from a hydration pack on his backcountry adventures.

Nuun is used best before heading out into the cold, and then used throughout the day while training, touring, or riding the slopes. By loading up on fluid as efficiently as you can you are topping off the system for that next run down the mountain.

Nuun’s  portable tube is perfect for your pack or jacket, and used during a mid mountain rest, or break at the bottom- whether you only have a quick glass of water from the base area, you have a hydration belt for Nordic adventures, or you wear a hydration pack for big mountain adventures, Nuun can go where you go, just don’t melt any yellow snow for your pack!



Start Out Hydrated to Stay Hydrated

Two hours before your exercise drink 16-20 oz.

30-minutes before drink 8-16 oz.

Each 15 minutes during performance drink 4-6 oz.

Know Your Sweat Rate and Replenish for Water Lost

Pre-weigh in for a baseline.

Post-weigh in to determine body water lost.

Consume 20-24 oz of water with Nuun for each pound lost.

Have a Hydration Plan

Use your sweat rate log to prepare your hydration plan in advance of your exercise or event, and keep clothing minimum necessary for protection.

Prevent Hyponatremia

Use Nuun if you are exercising more than one hour.

Drink 16 oz of Nuun for each hour of exercise.

By simply replacing electrolytes you will prevent hyponatremia.


*Most Important: Have FUN out there!

-The Nuun Team


Winter Athlete Profile: Sean Busby. Professional Big mountain Snowboarder and Type 1 Diabetic

A professional snowboarder since age 16, Sean’s career has been through many transitions and changes. From winning countless competitions, to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 19, to continuing his snowboarding career, to getting hooked on big mountain snowboard mountaineering, Sean has remained a veritable force to be reckoned with and one of his secrets is Nuun! With no worries about sugars Sean can make sure he is hydrated wherever he goes to help his performance, energy, and recovery from big travel days. His is favorite flavors are Orange and Grape.

Since developing a love for the backcountry, Sean has traveled to remote areas of the world to snowboard—including Antarctica (twice), New Zealand, Australia, Patagonia, and Iceland. He also started his own backcountry guiding business, Powder Lines ( Sean is great at sharing the “Nuun Love” with other diabetics he meets during competition and his many adventures with powderlines.

Sean has also invested a great deal of time to show kids with type 1 diabetes that they can do anything they put their minds to—including snowboarding. He founded an organization called Riding On Insulin ( that has hosts ski/snowboarding camps for kids with type 1 and type 2 all around the world. Sean shares his experiences with hydration and Nuun at all of his camps and gives campers samples of Nuun to try out for themselves.

While traveling recently he also made time for appearances and satellite phone calls back to kids in the US from New Zealand, an appearance at Radio Lollipop at Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.  Upon his return he had some great events at Children’s Hospital LA and Children’s Hospital Orange County. At CHOC, Sean actually got to go visit with kids in their hospital rooms on the cancer ward and throughout the hospital. He is thrilled about our partnership with Team In Training to support blood cancer research, especially as its all about the Grape Nuun, one of his favorite flavors!

Sean is out there doing what he loves, giving back, and having a great time! This is what we are all about here at Nuun and we are happy to have him representing us wherever his travels take him. Most recently Sean has been very busy with his Wilderness First Responder certification and GETTING MARRIED! Congrats Sean!

This AMAZING footage was shot on his way out to get married in Wisconsin in the high country of Rocky Mountain National Park. He was able to do some great end of summer boarding and some fly fishing in the Yampa River.

Somehow, with everything going on Sean still manages to keep it real and get it some quality time to find great snow and great fishing! The footage in the video is amazing, what a great way to close out another 12 months straight of snowboarding!