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Best of NYC

The Big Apple is well known for the amazing cultural experiences it offers, but that doesn't mean you can't get your sweat on too! Stephen & Matt, our local spreaders of #nuunlove, are here to share all the best spots in Manhattan & Long Island to work up a sweat. If you're looking to...

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Best of Atlanta

Welcome to the hub of the Southeast! We're your local tour guides, Amanda & Laura, and we love our city. Atlanta tends to get a bad rap for being a big city where people spend more time in their cars rather than enjoying the outdoors, but we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you love to pound the pavement or hit the trails – this southern gem has something for everyone.

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Best of Chicago

Up next on our virtual tour showcasing some of the best training spots and hidden gems in cities around the country we are headed to Chicago!

For those of you who haven’t traveled to the greatest city in the Midwest (and perhaps the entire country), you are in for quite a treat. Chicago is known affectionately as a “drinking city with an eating problem” but also has one of the most vibrant active communities in the entire country. Harsh winters and short springs make summer and fall all the more enjoyable in the metropolitan area known to us locals as “Chicagoland”. Here are some of our favorite spots around the city and suburbs that you’ll want to check out on your next visit!

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Salt vs Sodium Citrate

Not all salt is created equal.

On the last blog, we talked about ​electrolyte balance, and how it’s important to consume a balanced blend during exercise to ensure you get the most out of your hydration. Sodium, is the most crucial of these electrolyte to consume to help retain and utilize the fluid you are consuming. Similar to carbohydrates, lipids, and almost anything in life, all sodium are not equal. In fact, there are specific kinds of sodium you should look for during exercise, and some you should try and avoid as well.

The two types of sodium we’ll focus on for this blog are: salt (sodium chloride), and sodium citrate.

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Best of Denver

Continuing our virtual road trip, we head north to Colorado, where it can be 80 degrees by 11am, rain at 2pm and snow overnight. The Front Range doesn’t really have season, we just have gear for every adventure possible, no matter the weather. Known for the downtown bike lanes and easy access to the foothills, there is a reason Denver is growing faster than any of the other 50 most-populous cities in the US. Corey and Nick, two members of our CO-based nuun crew, and #teamnuun athlete Cody are here to show you how to live the #nuunlife in Denver.

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Best of Houston

Next up on our virtual road trip, we head down to the great state of Texas! Let Team Nuun athlete ​Lindsay​ show you the best spots in Houston to workup a sweat.


Just because Houston’s hot, doesn’t mean we don’t like to workout. Just give us some Nuun, our favorite running trails and we’ll sweat it out! If you’re looking to explore the hottest city in the south, Houston’s got you covered with trails, bike paths, parks and plenty of fitness studios.

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They’re Headed to the Big Event!

These 6 nuun athletes are headed south for the competition of their lives, but you won't hear us congratulating them in August. Here's why.

Next month, the eyes of the world will turn to the big games that only happen once every 4 years. Sports that don't get a lot of attention during the other three years, like track & field, are suddenly front and center, and it's these athletes' turn to shine. But at a time when their value is highest, they are unable to capitalize on it. Companies that don't sponsor the games, such as nuun, are unable to mention the event or the athletes' names during the blackout period. This is meant to prevent companies from capitalizing on the games, but it also effectively stops us from congratulating or wishing them "good luck" in any way publicly.

We consider each and every one of our athletes part of our nuun family, and wish we could show our support. But just because we can't, doesn't mean you can't.

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Best of Phoenix

Next up on our virtual road trip: Phoenix! We'll let Bill take it from here.


​​Hi Nuuniverse! My name is Bill, and I am the SoPac Grocery/Drug/Supplement Sales Representative. I am a Mountain Ultra Trail runner who lives in North Phoenix. In my free time, you’ll find me in any of the area’s numerous mountains. What I love about Phoenix is it's a hotspot for anyone with an active lifestyle. Here are a few of my favorite things to do around the valley.

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Too Electrolit To Quit

Ragnar Northwest Passage is coming up this weekend, and since it's in our backyard, we're sending a team from Hydration HQ! Meet the awesome folks behind team #tooelectrolittoquit.

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Best of San Diego

Next on our virtual road trip, we're continuing our journey south to scenic San Diego. We asked 2 SoCal Nuunies - Chris, assistant brand manager, and Angelo, field marketing specialist - to show you around their favorite city. They told us words couldn't do it justice. Instead, they've opted to show you all their favorite spots.

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