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Nike Women’s Marathon


Earlier this year we excitedly announced a new partnership with the Nike Women’s Marathon. We are so proud to be the official hydration sponsor for NWM 2012, NWM DC 2013, and NWM SFO 2013!

We had been counting down and planning logistics for quite a while,  but two weeks ago it was finally race week so we packed up and hit the road for what we were hoping would be the most successful hydration operation yet. We send a full Nuun crew to San Francisco to make sure everything went off without a hitch, including setting up a premium hydration station to showcase what we’re all about (hint: hydration).

Our goals were threefold:

1. Make sure every runner toed the start line hydrated.

2. Educate about the benefits and how to’s of proper hydration.

3. Help everyone adhere to Race Rule #1 – don’t try anything new on race day – by sampling the flavors that runners would see on course at every hydration stop race day (Tri-Berry & Lemon Lime).

In every sense the event was an amazing success, from the upscale Expotique where runners could hydrate, try out the latest Nike fashions, try a new hairstyle, or fuel up with healthy snacks, to the awesome packet bags with fancy circular bibs, to the scenic course with Nuun (about) every mile to boot!

We can’t wait to help Nike kick off their first Washington, DC event this April. Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to learn how you can apply for a FREE GUARANTEED ENTRY!


Training Peaks Loves Nuun

Training Peaks knows just as well as anyone that training and racing in hot weather is tough. As the temperatures soar many challenges arise, but one of the most serious ones that an athlete can face is dehydration. Raised heart rate, cramping, and hitting a wall are some of the first signs of dehydration to be aware of, but once symptoms begin there are less ways to effectively combat them. Stay ahead of your hydration plan with these tips!

From the Training Peaks Blog:

Most of us have been there. You’re in the middle of a race and feeling great. Suddenly, and seemingly without notice, you hit the wall. You go from hero to zero in seconds. If the source of your bonk is a nutrition deficit, you can usually recover with time and patience. You slow down, relax, take in some calories, drink plenty of fluid and continue once the veil of darkness has lifted. 

If your bonk is an electrolyte and hydration shortage, however, you may be in more serious trouble. Meredith Terranova, a Registered Dietician in Austin, Texas, cautions: “If you are severely dehydrated and lacking electrolytes, you may suffer extreme consequences including heat-related issues, seizures and even kidney failure.” She refers to a severe hydration and electrolyte deficit as “the showstopper” since it can quickly put an end to your race.

Read more about how to combat dehydration – including drinking Nuun – here. 

AfterNuun Delight Team Announcement

This year Nuun’s Hood to Coast theme is AfterNuun Delight, and we’re happy to finally announce the 3 teams that will represent us out on the course: Morning, Noon, and Night! Each team is made up of a van driver, at least one Nuun employee, and 5 other ladies that will spread hydration love from Mount Hood to the Oregon Coast.

We’re getting close to the start of the journey, so wish our ladies luck!

You can check out the legs they’ll be facing on the Hood to Coast website.


Team Morning: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1

Tricia – Tricia Minnick: Legs 1, 13, 25

Corey – Schnoodles of Fun: Legs 2, 14, 26

Stephanie – Epicurious Runner: Legs 3, 15, 27

Jess – Blonde Ponytail: Legs 4, 16, 28

Caitlin – Nuun Employee: Legs 5, 17, 29

Ricole Runs – Ricole Runs: Legs 6, 18, 30


Van 2

Erin – Nuun Employee: Legs 7, 19, 31

Elizabeth – Running For Bling: Legs 8, 20, 32

Dorothy – Mile Posts: Legs 9, 21, 33

Amanda  – Runninghood: Legs 10, 22, 34

Jennifer – The Fit Fork: Legs 11, 23, 35

XLMIC – Taking It On: Legs 12, 24, 36


Team Noon: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1

Kelly – According to Kelly: Legs 1, 13, 25

Laura – Nuun Employee: Legs 2, 14, 26

Laura– Camping Out In America: Legs 3, 15, 27

Jocelyn – Enthusiastic Runner: Legs 4, 16, 28

Sarah – Once Upon a (L)ime: Legs 5, 17, 29

Molly – Mollyberries’ Hodge Podge: Legs 6, 18, 30


Van 2

Tonia – Racing With Babes: Legs 7, 19, 31

Kim – Nuun Employee: Legs 8, 20, 32

Tiffany – Heavy Medal: Legs 9, 21, 33

Zoe – Nuun Employee: Legs 10, 22, 34

Jessica – Pace of Me: Legs 11, 23, 35

Lindsay – Lindsay On The Go: Legs 12, 24, 36


Team Night: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1

Caroline – Canadian Runner in Exile: Legs 1, 13, 25

Lauren – Health on the Run: Legs 2, 14, 26

Vanessa – Gourmet Runner: Legs 3, 15, 27

Shanna – Smack! Media, Nuun Partner: Legs 4, 16, 28

Susan – Nurse on the Run: Legs 5, 17, 29

Robyn  – run pretty run fast: Legs 6, 18, 30


Van 2

Emily – Sweat Once a Day: Legs 7, 19, 31

Katie – Katie RUNS This: Legs 8, 20, 32

Sarah – Running Starfish: Legs 9, 21, 33

Harmony – Keep on Keeping On: Legs 10, 22, 34

Megan – Nuun Employee: Legs 11, 23, 35

Kelsey – The Go Girl Blog: Legs 12, 24, 36



Andrea Ste Marie – The MF Dre

Jess McMullin – Run with Jess

Katie McFarland – mom’s little running buddy

Kayte McNulty – Long Legs on the Loose

Krissy Murphy – Shiawase Life

Meggie Smith – The Thinks I Can Think








Obese to Exergaming World Record Holder

Our new Nuun ambassador Carrie Swidecki is already up to big things. On June 16th she will try to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the Longest Marathon on a Motion-Sensing Dance Game using Dance Central 2 on the Xbox Kinect.

To put things in perspective for our readers, this means Carrie will be dancing for over 20 hours straight!

Carrie is the only female to have broken the Dance Dance Revolution marathon Guinness World Record, and has a few more world records lined up including the Dance Central 2 marathon and Dance Dance Revolution.

Her life has been changed by her involvement in exergaming, as Carrie was once obese. Carrie’s story is particularly inspiring, as not only is she a world record holder, but she dedicates her dancing (and running!) to fighting childhood obesity and raising awareness.

Good luck on the 16th Carrie! Your Nuun family will be cheering you on!!


Carrie’s story in her own words:

The last 11 years, has been an incredible journey both mentally and physically. Within 6 years from graduating from high school, I had gained 90 pounds. I had gone from being a 120-pound athlete to being obese. I was 210 pounds, plus size 18- 20, and living my life in the past. 11 years ago, I was walking past the arcade eating a donut when I discovered Dance Dance Revolution. Little did I know that this game would change my life.

Since then, I have lost 75 pounds, become an advocate to fight childhood obesity in the school systems, and am a World Record Holder. On July 27-28, 2011, I was invited by Konami to make my record setting attempt for the Longest Marathon on a Dance/Rhythm Game using Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 at the US Obesity Prevention Summit in Charleston, West Virginia. I danced for 16 hours and 9 minutes!  My Guinness attempt was inspired by my desire to bring awareness to fighting childhood obesity in our school systems, but in a fun and exciting way.

Over time, I have broken the odds of being a female gamer, being obese, and aging in the process, to set a World Record.  Through all of this, I feel like I’m just getting started as what I can achieve as an endurance athlete. At my 1st Half Marathon at Disneyland over Labor Day weekend 2011, I discovered Nuun at my first half marathon Expo in 2011. Since then, it has become a key ingredient to keeping me hydrated and will hopefully help me break another World Record.

I never realized the impact my story had on people, until one of my 2nd grade students told me, “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, so I can run marathons and break World Records!”  This year, not only am I dedicating my Guinness attempt to anyone who has been struggling with obesity, but to my students and their parents.  My greatest accomplishment is being able to integrate my passion for exergaming into my 2nd grade classroom. The last 2 years I have written grants through, which has allowed me to use Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance, and other video games in my classroom for Physical Education as a way to get students excited about fitness.

I want to thank Nuun for sponsoring me as an endurance athlete whose platform is on video games. 11 years ago, I never imagined I would be sponsored as an athlete by a sports drink company, or hold a World Record. I was 210 pounds and just wanted to get good enough at Dance Dance Revolution, so I could play in local tournaments. It just shows, that when you find something you love and stick with it, you can achieve anything in this world!