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Nuun Elites in LA

​This weekend, like all others, dozens of Nuun athletes are preparing for races and competitions all over the USA and Canada. The athletes will make sure they have their “race kit” (shoes, outfit, race bib, timing chip, water bottle, etc.) laid out and ready to go. They will be thinking about their pre-race hydration and nutrition, and perhaps even how they will celebrate post-race (usually a bit different than what they consume pre-race). These races might be the culmination of months or even years of training. At the same time all that is happening, 13 Nuun athletes are preparing for a race that might be the biggest event of their lives.

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Marathon Hydration with Kara Goucher

As I started my buildup to the Olympic Trials Marathon, I decided I was going to do everything I could to be the best athlete I could be on February 13. I revamped my training, I started spending a lot more time doing pre-hab, and I completely overhauled my diet. There was also one more step I took to make sure that I would be the best athlete I could on race day, I started seriously honing in on my hydration and nutrition in competition.

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Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

Looking for that perfect gift for the hard-working athlete in your life? These are some of the Nuun Crew's favorite things this holiday season!

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Nuun Year Dash Sneak Peek

We're hosting our inaugural Nuun Year Dash in February, and we're excited to offer a sneak peek at some of the swag!

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Tips for running in the snow

Snowy weather doesn't mean training stops, but it does mean you have to be a bit more careful when you lace up and head out the door. Follow these tips to stay safe this winter season.

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winter hydration is more than water

Staying hydrated means giving your body the right levels of both water and electrolytes. And while you may put careful thought into your fuel for winter training, not everyone remembers to think about hydration. When it's cold outside, you don’t have the normal triggers associated with thirst. Your body is working hard, but sweat evaporates quickly in the cold, dry air so you don’t have that sweaty workout feeling to drive you to your Nuun.

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Chasing That PR

we're very excited about being on course at the berkeley half marathon (this sunday), so we thought we'd chat with some runners who are as excited as us about the race! These two runners are looking for a new PR at the Berkeley Half Marathon.

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This Mom’s First Half

On November 22, this mom is running her first half marathon since giving birth this August. Erin has called herself a runner for most of her life, and is stoked to be running the Berkeley Half Marathon. Read on to learn her goals for this half, and how she's training for it.

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13.1 Thoughts You Have During Your First Half

Molly is the resident ski bum here at Hydration HQ. You can usually find her up in the mountains, at the local climbing gym, or at a yoga class. Always up for something new, she recently tackled her first half marathon, the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco. Those hills didn't scare her! Here's what she was thinking during her first half marathon.

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7 Exercises for Training Outside

Strength workouts are an important component of any training program. They can make you faster, help prevent injury, and the change in routine will help keep your sessions interesting. You don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to add in strength training either! Here are some exercises you can do in your backyard or park, or even your living room if you need!

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