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What it Takes: Completing a 400+ Day Run Streak

Have you ever done a ‘run streak?’ You know, run at least a mile every day for say 30 days? Maybe a couple months? How about 400 days? Well, Nuun Ambassador Chris Malenab, has taken the run streak to the next level and recently hit the 400 day mark. And you want to know what’s impressive? He averages over 9 miles per day. No 1-milers for this guy. Here is a Q & A with Chris about his streaking and what he has experienced over many miles.

Chris Malenab 2

Nuun: Why do you streak? Did you plan this or has it just happened over time?

Chris: I really don’t have a purpose of streaking except it allows me to get out see the world around me. Some people like their morning cup of coffee, which I do too, but I like my morning run more. It originally started as a way to get some high-volume marathon training in during the month of December 2012, but then I was added to a Streak 2013 Facebook Group to see if people could run 365 days in 2013. After being added into this group, I thought sure let’s try it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how long it would actually last.

Nuun: Do you have days you just don’t want to run? If so, how to do motivate yourself to get it done?

Chris: I always want to run. I really haven’t had to dig deep inside and try to motivate myself to get it done. I think it has become part of a routine. The joys of slipping on my running shoes and stepping outside is motivation enough.

Nuun: I know you run a lot of marathons too, so no rest days prior?

Chris: ZERO rest days! Since December 10, 2012 when my running streak started I have completed 1 6-hour endurance run (39.75 miles), 7 marathons, one 30k, six half marathons, three 10-mile races, one 8.5-mile race, one 10k race, and one 5k race. In those races I have ran a BQ with a 3:09:25, my second and third fastest half marathon times (1:27:23, 1:28:05), my fastest 10-mile time (1:05:42), fastest 10k time (38:41) and fastest 5k (18:55), along with running the longest single distance of 39.75 miles in a 6 hour endurance run.

Chris Malenab

Nuun: When is your favorite time of day to run?

Chris: I love the mornings. I am fortunate enough to be pretty close to the American River, so if get out early enough, I am able to see deer, coyotes and other animals on my run.

Nuun: Favorite running route?

Chris: With running as much as I do, that is always changing. My most recent favorite route is called the Ninja Loop in the Marin Headlands. I was just introduced to this loop a couple of weeks back when I went out and ran with a group of friends. On a clear day, you can see the entire Bay including the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge which connects Oakland and San Francisco. It was definitely worth the 1 hour and 30 minute drive to get out there.

Nuun: How do you stay fueled and hydrated for you runs?

Chris: Fueling wise, I always carry a SunRype Fruit bar with me, but will always load up prior to my run with about 24 pieces of ENERGYbits. In regards to Hydration, my water bottle is loaded with either Nuun Kona Cola or Cherry Limeade, sometimes I put a tablet of each to change up the flavor. Along with Nuun, I obviously hydrate with water.

Nuun: How do you stay injury free?

Chris: Luck? I mean there are a couple times out on the trail that a fall could have been worse, so luck has to play with a little bit of being able to stay injury free. The other factors I credit to my injury free running is weekly acupuncture treatments and working with my sports chiropractor, Dr. Jesse Saenz,  every 2-3 weeks. My stretching and foam roller routine is based on corrective exercises that are suggested by my sports chiropractor after he took me through the FMS Testing to identify parts of my body that need to be stretched or strengthened more than others.

Nuun: Since you’re over 400 days now, what’s your goal with this run streak?

Chris: 401 days? I really don’t have a specific day that I want to reach. I enjoy running so I figure the less I think about the streak, the less it becomes a chore.

Chris Malenab 3

Nuun: Any tips for someone trying to start a run streak?

Chris: I would suggest that the streak shouldn’t be the one and only reason someone wants to run. Outside of a few mentions on social media on big events like hitting my first 100 days or more recently the 400 day mark, I don’t pay too much attention to the streak. I think you have to love running, you have to enjoy lacing up your shoes and getting out for a run. If the streak is the only point of focus then, running becomes a job or a chore, that should never be the case. Running is a gift, want to use that gift everyday as a vehicle to learn more about yourself and more about the world around us.

You can continue to follow Chris’ streak by following him on Twitter and visiting his blog.

2013 Nuun Hood to Coast Team Announcement

The past 2 years, Nuun has pulled together teams of bloggers to run the mother of all relays – Hood to Coast. From Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon, those women have run their hearts out, shared lots of laughs and their love for running, created memories and lifelong friendships and blogged about the entire thing. We can’t wait to do it again this year with a new group of runners!

Reviewing all of the amazing candidates was an honor. It was no easy task to select our team because every applicant was so deserving. However, after literally hours of viewing and thoughtful consideration, here are the ladies who will be joining us in 2013. The list of 20 team members and 2 alternates are in no specific order. Be sure to check out their blogs, congratulate them and wish them happy miles!


Welcome to the 2013 Nuun Hood to Coast team, ladies!

Kimberly – Healthy Strides

Jolene – Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run

Megan – Meg Runner Girl

Lisa – Run Wiki

Mallory – Run Eat Run Eat

Leslie – Triathlete Treats

Holly – Leaps of Faith

Kara – Welcome to Karadise

Jesica – runladylike

Catey – Random Thoughts from the Zoo

Lisa – Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Kristen – Defy Your Limitations

Sarah – Run Far Girl

Meghan – Shoe Stories

Devon – Dev on Running

Karen – Reason to Play

Andrea – the MF Dre

Jenny – We Wander and Ponder

Lindsay – Twisted Running

Hannah – Fit Girl Happy Girl


Holly – Fashionable Miles

Melissa – Melissa Runs


Nuun Ambassador Program is Open for a Limited Time

We’re happy to announce to all of our fans and friends that the Nuun Ambassador Program application is now open for a limited time.

UPDATE March 1st: The Ambassador application is now closed for 2013 membership. The application will be open for 2014 membership in November. Please check back then.

The application process will generally open at the end of November each year, but we’re opening it temporarily through February 28 for 2013 membership based on a high demand from hydrators like you!

If you’re interested in representing Nuun and sharing Nuun Love take a look at the program requirements and apply. We look forward to meeting you and making new well hydrated friends.

Nuun Ambassador Program

Do you use Nuun regularly during training, daily activities or to stay hydrated as part of a healthy lifestyle? The Nuun Ambassador program may be for you!

The Nuun Ambassador program is designed for people who are passionate about staying hydrated, no matter what activity or sport they play. They are motivated, enthusiastic, and are willing to spread what we call “NuunLove” to others within their daily lives, sport, and community.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for the Nuun Ambassador program.


Do I have to be a professional athlete to apply for the Ambassador Program?
No. The Ambassador program consists of both professional and non-professional athletes alike.

What will I get as an Ambassador?
As a Nuun Ambassador, you will get the following:

-Discount on Nuun products
-Profile on
-Hear about new and exciting news before anyone else does
-Opportunities to race with Nuun
-Opportunity to participate in special projects with Nuun

What if I’m an elite/professional athlete looking for a partnership?
Currently we are not able to support full product or cash sponsorships, but there are many ways we can work with elite and professional athletes so we hope to see your application soon.

What are my duties as an Ambassador?
As an Ambassador, we ask you do a few things for us, which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Post Nuun logo on website or blog
  • Interact with Nuun via various social media channels
  • Wear the Nuun logo on your person when competing. (Singlet, hat, visor, shirt, kit, tattoo, water bottle)
  • Provide photos of yourself hydrating with Nuun
  • Promote Nuun as your sole hydration product

When can I apply for the Ambassador program?
The application window is open at the end of November each year. *Special exception for 2013: application process will open from February 5-28th*

How long does a membership in the Ambassador program last?
One calendar year. All Ambassadorships end on December 31st regardless of when you are accepted.

Does Nuun offer monetary or full product sponsorships?
At this time, Nuun does not offer monetary or full product sponsorships.

Mongolia Outdoor Quest 2012: Race Recap

Written by Nuun Sponsored Athlete Deanna Blegg

Inner Mongolia, a province of China, lured us with its temptation of adventure for the Ordos Adventure Quest.

Moxie Gear/Nuun. Our team put together by Darren Clarke consisted of Luke Haines, Sam Clark (N.Z.) Darren and me, Deanna Blegg. A potentially strong team especially if the disciplines of paddling and cycling were in our favour.

Mongolia was an unknown territory to all of us. What would the weather be like? Is it mountainous? How different would the food be? Culturally is it the same as China?


Our questions were answered quite quickly. We arrived in Ordos, a pretty much deserted City, yet with infrastructure like nothing I’d ever seen. It was huge, 8 lane highways going on for km and km, leading to massive high-rise estates which were near to empty of people. A ghost City!

Once again it was reunion time as we met with other athletes from around the world who’d we’d raced with over the years. Adventure racers, whilst hugely competitive, are also a very caring and social bunch of people. It is one of the many reasons I enjoy the sport so much.



Ordos was holding its second International Nandam Fair. A huge event that attracted media from all around the world. For the first time the Adventure challenge was to be a part of it. It consisted of 5 days held over 4 stages. Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Running, Horse riding and abseiling, with sand sledding thrown in for some extra fun. A total of 500km. Teams of 4 (3 men and 1 woman) had to navigate their way around a course and punching in at each checkpoint. 25 teams from around the world were there to chase the $200,000 American Dollar Prize Pool. We were one of them.


True to form The Chinese put on an amazing opening ceremony. 10,000 entertainers, 3,000 athletes, 50,000 spectators and a total TV viewing of 1 billion! Now that’s huge. It was a unique feeling to carry the Aussie flag into the stadium.

Read more about Deanna and team’s amazing race here.