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Health & Wellness Series: How Much Should I Hydrate?

By Vishal Patel

Hydration and its direct correlation to performance during exercise is a very complex topic, but an important one. Here at Nuun water and electrolytes are second nature, but it’s still important to share information that helps our hydrators understand how hydration can affect performance. Over the next several weeks, we will be tackling a series of topics that relates to fluid intake and hydration.

How Much Should I Hydrate?

The most common question we get at Nuun is, “How much should I drink during exercise?” The quick answer is: it depends. That’s because hydration needs are very different from person to person and vary based on our gender, age, body composition, environmental factors, hydration status and our current electrolyte balance.

To help you better understand your personal hydration needs here are some hydration guidelines for exercise from two organizations, the American College of Sports medicine (ACSM) and the International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA). And as experienced hydrators, we will throw in a few suggestions of our own!

ACSM Recommendations

Let’s take a look at what the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends:

  • Exercise lasting less than an hour requires 3-8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes (1).
  • For exercises lasting greater than 60 minutes, they recommend an intake of 3-8 ounces of a carbohydrate based sports drink every 15-30 minutes (1).
  • While the ACSM agrees that hydration is important, they do not recommend exceeding 32 ounces of fluid per 60 minutes. They believe the slower yet consistent rate of drinking fluids will prevent dehydration and its inhibiting symptoms (1).
  • Overdosing on fluids can lead to complications in a person’s overall athletic performance, just the same as dehydration has a negative impact on a person’s performance (1,3).

IMMDA Recommendations

The second organization we want to take a look at is the International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA). The IMMDA provides hydration guidelines to the public based on published scientific literature. The guidelines were written by Tim Noakes, a well-respected researcher in the field, and were adopted as the hydration rules for the USA Track and Field team.

  • During activity athletes should consume 400-800 ml, or 13.5-27 ounces per hour (2).
  • The key to their recommendations is that they suggest athletes drink at ad libitum, or at their own discretion (2).
  • Drinking at your own pace may eliminate the dangers of over-hydrating and leads people away from the concept of drinking as much as you can (2,3).

These guidelines are more practical, and result in a much safer and beneficial approach to hydration.

Nuun Recommendations

Both the ACSM and IMMDA have conducted several studies to reach their respected conclusions. For some people these guidelines will work great; for others, a different and unique approach will need to be taken for optimal hydration.

It’s important to remember when figuring out your hydration plan that everybody has a different physiology and each person absorbs and utilizes his or her fluid intake differently. While we understand that some people use carbohydrates during exercise, we chose not to include carbs in Nuun because we want you to be able to choose your own source of fuel.

The main piece of advice we give to athletes is to drink at your own discretion. Thirst is the only universal sign of dehydration we all understand, so if you feel thirsty while exercising just rinse out your mouth with some water before drinking a few sip of Nuun. Also, pay very close attention to weather and course conditions. These two factors will dictate your hydration needs. On a hot day or a hilly course you may need some extra fluids as your body works harder to keep you as cool as possible. The most effective and easiest way to preemptively avoid dehydration is to stay hydrated all throughout the day! To utilize Nuun as it’s meant to be used, drink it before and after your workouts for hydration and recovery purposes as well as during exercise and try Nuun All Day for your everyday hydration needs!

Need More Help? Take a Sweat Test!

If you’re struggling with how much to drink, we recommend taking a sweat test to help determine how much liquid you’re loosing, and thus need to replace during your exercise.


Our next article will focus on the functions, benefits, and uses of electrolytes! So be sure to tune in for our next blog update!

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Harris English Wins At FedEx St. Jude Classic

We want to send a BIG congrats to Harris English on his first PGA Tour win this past weekend at the FedEx St. Jude Classic in Memphis, TN. Harris is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he first started using Nuun and continues to do so every day on tour. The Nuun staff has had the opportunity to spend some time and get to know Harris and he is a stand up guy and a great ambassador for Nuun.  Only in his second season on the PGA Tour, we are so excited to watch him have continued success out there.


“My coach introduced me to Nuun while playing golf at the University of Georgia. I now use it every day out on the PGA Tour. I need to be in the best physical condition out on the course and Nuun is a part of that for me,” says Harris.

This year’s tourney was held at TPC Southwind. With four rounds sub par it was clear that Harris was in the zone. Sunday was quite exciting and tested Harris after bogeys on 8 & 9. It was going to take something special to beat the pack. With a little motivation, Harris switched gears and started rolling in some birdies….4 to be exact. With many of his friends around to congratulate him, this was a sweet victory.

Nuun Notables:

  • T7 – Rory Sabbatini
  • T10 – Camilo Villegas
  • T10 – Dustin Johnson – who was the reigning champion
  • T10 – Padriag Harrington

We are looking forward to see the U.S. Open this week. We wish all of team Nuun the best of luck out there.

#nuunchat is back with QT2 Systems

QT2 Systems#nuunchat is back, this time with QT2 Systems Jesse Kropelnicki to talk about preparing to have your best race when the weather is hot!

Are you ready to race this summer?

Hot weather changes everything when it comes to having your best race possible. It affects what you wear, how to hydrate, when to fuel, and sometimes your pace and goals overall. Come chat with Nuun and QT2 Systems to learn best practices that will keep you running and racing through the weather to come this summer.

 What is QT2 Systems?

QT2 Systems was founded by Jesse Kropelnicki as a multisport coaching outlet. An accomplished athlete himself Jesse has helped many athletes achieve their goals, and in conjunction with partner company The Core Diet provides sport and nutritional coaching to bring athletes to the next level. And now you can run your hot weather racing plan by him!

Participate and win!

3 lucky #nuunchat participants (chosen at random) will win a 4-pack of Nuun and a hydration bottle to keep them hydrated for their next race.

 Sound like fun?

  • Sign in to twitter at noon pst (3pm est) on Thursday June 6 to join in.
  • Follow @nuunhydration and @qt2systems. Participate by answering questions tweeted by @nuunhydration.
  • Use the #nuunchat hashtag to be entered to win!

More details:

What is #nuunchat?

#nuunchat is a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is like one big real-time online conversation where participants share ideas back and forth, all in 140 characters or less.

How does #nuunchat work?

@nuunhydration (make sure you follow us!) will start tweeting at noon pdt. In order to join the conversation just reply and use the#nuunchat hashtag! Jesse will Nuunchatting too, so be sure to follow him at @qt2systems to catch his great advice and get your questions answered. You’ll have a lot more fun if you interact with other Nuunchatters too though, so feel free to reply to everyone (or anything that strikes your fancy) to offer advice or ask questions.

How do I get #nuunchat to show in my feed so I don’t miss any interaction?

Our recommendation is that during the chat you have multiple windows open. Keep one window open on your account with the @Mentions page, so that you can see when @nuunhydration, @qt2systems, or other Nuunchatters interact with you. Then keep another window open on the search page, and continually refresh your search for #nuunchat. By searching the hashtag you’ll sure to catch all the conversation for maximum fun.

Boo Weekley Takes Top Spot at Colonial

There was a lot of “Boo”ing this past week at the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas, but it wasn’t because of poor play.  Long time Nuun user Boo Weekley, one of the biggest characters on the PGA Tour, has finally returned back to his winning ways.


Loud cries of “Boo!” were echoing throughout the course as Weekley closed out his first PGA Tour win in the last 5 years.  Way to go Boo!  Weekley finished with 5 consecutive pars to edge 2nd and 3rd round leader Matt Kuchar for the victory.

With this win, Weekley has moved to #55 in the World Golf Rankings, and is now eligible for the U.S. Open later this summer.  The total earnings for this tournament of approximately 1.1 million dollars have matched Weekley’s total earnings of his previous 14 tournaments this season.


Weekley was bound to see his hard work pay off, with making 12 out of 14 cuts this year and finishing in the top 10 three times.  The 2013 season has already started to heat up, both with the high levels of play, and the high temperatures!  Fort Worth, TX was in full summer mode this weekend with temperatures in the high 80’s.  A perfect reason to always keep Nuun in your golf bag.  Dehydration was clearly not a problem for Boo, as he was able to finish strong for an impressive win!

Nuun Notes:

Make sure that you do not find yourself in any of these common dehydration troubles:

  1. More than one training session per day.
  2. Competitions or tournaments that are held in hot/humid environments; if you are coming from a colder climate, the impact is even larger.
  3. Competitions that consist of long durations of time.

Make sure that Nuun is a part of your every day training/competition routine so that you can stay ahead of the dehydration curve!booweekley