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Winter Hydration Tips for Athletes

By Vishal Patel, Nuun Hydration Nutritionist


The New York City Marathon is usually a nice indication that fall is coming to an end, but as we shift gears into winter with athletes beginning their off-season programs it’s safe to say that many don’t stop training!

Should I hydrate less in the winter?

During the winter we hear a lot from our consumers that they tend to not drink as much water or Nuun as compared to summer months, and generally it’s due to the perception that we do not sweat as much when it’s colder. That theory may be true at times, however, many other factors come into play to determine how much fluid you need. For instance, winter air is cold and dry, that in turn will lead to an increase in thirst – a sign of dehydration.

Note: a mere 2% loss in body-water content has been noted to cause dehydration leading to a decrease in athletic performance.

But I feel like I sweat less in the winter!

Yes, in the winter it may seem as if you are not sweating as much. On top of dry air affecting your hydration status, the regulation of your internal body temperature (thermoregulation) has a tough time adjusting to the drastic changes.

The cold air triggers your body to try to reserve heat and maintain fluid balance by decreasing the release of heat (through sweat). But what we often forget is that runners tend to add layer upon layer of clothing to help keep the body warm. This increase of layers will cause your skin temperature to increase, which can lead to heat needing to be released (through sweat). So, in some instances we can actually sweat more due to winter layering and taking too drastic of an approach to stay warm.

Ways to balance the cold weather and your body temperature:

  • Shed layers after a thorough warm-up
  • Keep key areas covered and warm: your feet (this will be taken care of by the constant pounding), your ears (wear a hat or headband), and your hands (gloves!).


Hypothermia & Hydration

Hypothermia is a concern for athletes who partake in cold weather sports at high altitude. Mountain air is most difficult to breathe due to the very cold and very dry nature of air at altitude. But oftentimes the difficulty breathing is the result of a decrease in blood volume flowing freely through your heart and on to working muscles. Having proper fluid balance with electrolytes will help get blood to wear it needs to go, and help muscles function properly.

Air Humidity & Hydration

The last factor to take into account is the high levels of humidity in the mornings.  The combination of cold, dry air, and more moisture in the air will increase the occurrence of dehydration.  Knowing how much to drink is just as crucial as going into your workout adequately hydrated! The cardinal rule is to drink according to thirst, without exceeding 20 oz per hour. Also, it’s never a bad time to take a sweat test to determine your sweat loss.

Nuun’s Tips for Winter Hydration:

  • Have a hydration plan – carry a belt or stash some bottles along your route.
  • Be well hydrated prior to your activity – drink Nuun Active Hydration the night before/morning of your key workouts.
  • Aim to drink 3-4 liters of water per day – drink Nuun All Day packed with all-natural vitamins and minerals!
  • Be sure to include Nuun in your recovery regimen – have a glass of warm lemon tea post run. Bonus: caffeine has been known to enhance glycogen re-synthesis speeding up the recovery process
  • As always pay attention to signs and symptoms of dehydration and inadequate fluid stores. Post-run headaches, muscle cramping, and fatigue are all signals that your body needs water and electrolytes!


2014 Nuun Ambassador Application Now Open

Do you use Nuun regularly during training, daily activities or to stay hydrated as part of a healthy lifestyle? Are you influential in your community and willing to endorse Nuun? If so, the Nuun Ambassador program may be for you!


The Nuun Ambassador program is designed for people who are passionate about staying hydrated, no matter what activity or sport they play. They are motivated, enthusiastic, and are willing to spread what we call “NuunLove” to others within their daily lives, sport, and community.

As a Nuun Ambassador we ask that you do the following, and in return you’ll receive a discount on product, insider information, and opportunities to represent and race for Nuun.

  • Post Nuun logo on website or blog
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  • Provide photos of yourself hydrating with Nuun
  • Promote Nuun as your sole hydration product

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for the Nuun Ambassador program. Please note, the Nuun Ambassador program is limited to athletes within the United States. Application will be open through Wednesday, November 27th.



Do I have to be a professional athlete to apply for the Ambassador Program?

No. The Ambassador program consists of both professional and non-professional athletes alike.

What will I get as an Ambassador?

As a Nuun Ambassador, you will receive the following:

-Discount on Nuun products
-Profile on
-Hear about new and exciting news before anyone else does
-Opportunities to race with Nuun
-Opportunity to participate in special projects with Nuun

 What if I’m an elite/professional athlete looking for a partnership?

Currently we are not able to support full product or cash sponsorships, but there are many ways we can work with elite and professional athletes so we hope to see your application soon.

What are my duties as an Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, we ask you do a few things for us, which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Post Nuun logo on website or blog
  • Interact with Nuun via various social media channels
  • Wear the Nuun logo on your person when competing. (Singlet, hat, visor, shirt, kit, tattoo, water bottle)
  • Provide photos of yourself hydrating with Nuun
  • Promote Nuun as your sole hydration product

When can I apply for the Ambassador program?

The application window is open at the end of November each year.

How long does a membership in the Ambassador program last?

One calendar year. All Ambassadorships end on December 31st regardless of when you are accepted.

 Does Nuun offer monetary or full product sponsorships?

At this time, Nuun does not offer monetary or full product sponsorships.


Nuun Sponsored Team Application Now Open for 2014

Nuun is now accepting applications for the Team Sponsorship program for 2014. If your sports team is looking for a hydration sponsor, now is the time to apply for sponsorship from Nuun. Nuun sponsors teams from a variety of sports: cycling, triathlon, running, adventure racing, and youth among others.


There are many perks of being a Nuun sponsored team, including:

  • Discount code to share with your team.
  • Team Spotlights on Nuun’s blog and Facebook.
  • Team profile on
  • Opportunity to get support from Nuun on your team’s special events on a case-by-case basis.


If you are selected as a Nuun sponsored team, your team responsibilities will include:

  • Ongoing support and promotion of Nuun within your communities
  • Logo placement on jerseys and/or uniforms
  • Tag Nuun in photos of your team staying hydrated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@nuunhydration)
  • Logo on the team’s website where other sponsors are listed


APPLY HERE - applications are now closed.

The application window for Team Sponsorship will close on November 15th. We’ll notify accepted teams by November 22nd.

Beverage Consumption and Hydration for Kids!

By Vishal Patel

Hey all you Nuun lovers! We hope you have had a fabulous summer and Nuun was able to help you stay hydrated for all of your summer fun. Now that school is back in session a lot of little ones are returning to their favorite sports and here at Nuun we want to help you address their hydration needs. As you might recall, our last post spoke about hydration and the dangers of over-consuming sugar; we want to now focus on hydration and sugar-sweetened beverages in regards to children. Here at Nuun, we want to make sure the entire family is hydrated, healthy and happy!
It has been widely researched and demonstrated that an over-consumption of sugar- sweetened beverages can lead to weight gain and many other health complications. This especially applies to children as their bodies are very reliant on food and beverage intake. On the other end of the spectrum, studies have shown that children who incorporate a healthy and adequate fluid intake are more likely to make other healthy choices. So, it’s a great time to review what health professionals have said about how much and what your child should be drinking to stay healthy.

First, let’s take a look at what the Institute of Medicine has to say about children’s water consumption. One of the many things this organization has done was creating a system of nutritional recommendations used by professionals throughout the US and Canada known as Dietary Reference Intake (DRI’s). A given DRI is what the professionals at the Institute of Medicine agree is an adequate amount of water to intake to improve and/or maintain health and wellness. They make the follow suggestions for each respective age group: four to eight year olds are recommended to consume 57 ounces; males aged nine to thirteen years old are 81 ounces; and females’ age nine to thirteen are 71 ounces. Keep in mind that this does not take into account individual needs and activity levels, either!

Recently a publication was printed in the Nutrition Journal that summarized data that was taken from parent interviews about their children. The report was geared towards finding out the amount, type, and frequency of water and beverage intake for children aged four to thirteen while comparing those given values to the DRI’s recommended by the Institute of Medicine. The conclusion was that 75% of children aged four to eight did NOT meet the recommended water intake. On top of that, 87% of females aged nine to thirteen and 85% of boys aged nine to thirteen didn’t meet the recommended water intake either! For children, the vast majority of daily fluid intake should be in the form of water. A healthy intake of water can lead to increased absorption of other nutrients that aid in growth and can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The report then goes on to explore what exactly are drinking. Surprisingly, only 27.3% of a child’s daily beverage intake came from water! Milk accounted for 17.8% of daily fluid intake, fruit juices and fruit drinks accounted for 12.3%, soda was responsible for 9.4% and sports drinks attributed to 2.4% of daily intake. In conclusion, with a child taking in about 1.5 liters of fluid per day, children ages four to thirteen had an intake of ONLY 16 ounces of water per day.

By drinking more water, or Nuun, and staying properly hydrated children can potentially reduce the intake of other beverages that contain sugars and excess calories. Our main focus here at Nuun is to help you and your family with all of your daily hydration needs! While most sugary sports drinks these days contain extra calories and contain ingredients that promote weight gain and other health complications, Nuun makes for a portable, sugar-free and low calorie electrolyte replacement drink in tablet form that is easy to use and healthy for kids! Nuun contains all the necessary nutrients to help you hydrate the right way and none of the stuff you don’t want, for you or for your kids!