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Topping Off Electrolytes

One area of hydration that has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple years is the art of pre-loading. Pre-loading (I like to refer to it as topping off) your electrolyte stores will play a key function in exercise performance, particularly under tougher conditions such as extreme heat or endurance events. There are three main benefits to pre-loading:

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Best of Portland

As much as we love Portland, our sister city to the south, we didn't think we could do it justice since we don't live there full time. We reached out to Sarah Bowen Shea, one of the amazing women behind Another Mother Runner, to share her favorite spots.


There’s no shortage of places to explore in Portland: I’ve lived here for more than 16 years, yet I’m still discovering new trails, parks, cycling routes, cafes, and restaurants. Portland is an ideal place to play outdoors year-round: It doesn’t rain at all in the summer, and the rest of the year, the precipitation varies from non-existent to sprinkles to drizzle to showers. Rarely heavy rain—and when it does, there’s always a smoothie shop or coffeeshop to duck into. I love the city’s sporty vibe, and I’ve trained for more than a dozen marathons (including two Boston Marathons) while living here. I’m a mom of three kids, as well as co-founder of Another Mother Runner and host of the AMR podcast. Here are some of my favorite things Portland has to offer.

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5 Lessons I learned from my dad

My Dad is far from perfect. He would tell you that himself (and I think that lesson in itself is important). With that said, my Dad was, and still is, a serial coach (and a very good one). When I was an aspiring young hockey player hoping to be a pro one day (spoiler alert: it didn’t happen), my Dad would coach me before and after every game and practice. Yes, even after practice. He would pick my brain on what I thought worked and didn’t work. Then he would give his assessment to make me think about how to do better. He would almost always start with a positive observation. Perhaps he wanted to start the conversation with momentum or maybe he wanted to bring my guard down so I wouldn't be defensive. He would then follow the positive with observations on what could, and should, be better. Some of those days he had a lengthy list of what I needed to do better. At the end of each coaching discussion, he would finish with a positive action on how to move forward with confidence. My teammates at Nuun might notice some similarities to my coaching style.

I've learned a lot from my dad, the hockey fighter, but here are 5 lessons that helped make me a better athlete.

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the juice: citrus sunshine

Katie from The Juice is back with another delicious, hydrating smoothie. In short, it's a citrus-y spin on a morning classic, and pairs perfectly with champagne as a Mango Nuunmosa for a little post-race #dehydrationrehydation. This recipe combines the detoxifying effects of turmeric powder with the fat blasting properties of coconut oil, then ups the hydration ante with a tab of Mango Orange Energy.

In our humble opinion, this mango-y goodness makes mornings a wee bit more manageable!

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Chef Vishal: Summer Salad

The last thing I want to eat one a hot day is a hot dish. This salad is one of my go-tos when the temperatures start to climb, and is simple to prepare. Pair it with your favorite dish this summer for a refreshing addition to any meal.

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Best of Seattle

​All summer long, we’re giving you a tour of some of our favorite cities. We’ll be sharing our favorite spots to run, ride, or grab a post-race beer. We figured it only right to start with the city Hydration HQ has called home for the last 12 years: Seattle!

Seattle has a reputation for rain, and we love it. Without that rain, we wouldn’t have the trees, grass, moss, shrubs, and waterfalls that make the PNW so uniquely beautiful. And when the sun does shine (as it does all summer long!), there’s no place on earth us Seattleites would rather be.

You could spend your whole life exploring the 100s and 100s of miles of trails in our PNW backyard. But if you’re headed to Seattle and looking to explore, these spots are our faves.

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10 tips for hitting the trails with your pup

Getting off the pavement and onto the trails can bring great variety to your training. Breathing fresh air, running with your dog, moving your feet in different ways, reaching epic views; it’s one of the most fun things you can do with your fluffy buddy! When Yukon and I run together it's not only super fun for him but makes my run more interesting and enjoyable.

Since trail running already brings its own unique challenges, adding your dog to the mix requires a few more things to think about as you climb hills, jump over roots, and hurdle downhill at mach speed all while trying to manage your excited fluffy friend. Here are a few tips to ensure you both have fun:

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round and round we go

Over Memorial Day weekend, two of our sales gurus joined their @ridesasquatch teammates, other Nuun ambassadors, and 800 like-minded cyclists on the eastern side of Washington state to test their mettle at the legendary 24 Hours Round the Clock mountain bike race. You may have seen their Instagram takeover ​here.

The following is an account of their (mis)adventures and 12 tips/tricks they learned for anyone interested in taking 24 hour racing for a spin.

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6 tips for hydrating in the heat

Summer means beautiful weather that's too nice to stay inside, but it also means heat - a lot of heat. It's supposed to be 90F in Seattle on Sunday - yikes! Training in the heat can be dangerous, but with the right prep and proper hydration, you can make it safely through this summer!

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nuuntini testing: moscow muule

​So you’ve just finished a tough ride/run and you’re ready to chill out & cool down with a drink in hand. This Nuuntini, my take on a Moscow Mule, will provide a little rehydration, and seriously class up your down time.

A Moscow Mule is delightful in any chilled glass, but I highly recommend drinking it from the traditional copper mug. Apart from the stunning and timeless presentation, copper mugs can actually improve the taste of a cocktail! Copper mugs chill quickly, and will insulate their cold contents. Your drink will stay extra-cool, and tingle icily against your lips. Some even claim that when vodka touches the walls of the mug, the copper begins to oxidize, enhancing the taste and aroma of the vodka. Cold copper will also increase the amount of bubbles in carbonated ginger beer, making a Moscow Mule even fizzier.

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