Nuun to Hydrate Ragnar Relay Series

Nuun is proud to announce that we are the official hydration sponsor for the Ragnar Relay Series!

Nuun Ragnar Relay Series Partnership Announcement

What does being the official hydration sponsor mean? 

It means that Nuun will be served on course at all Ragnar Relays through 2014. It means that Ragnarians will get special hydration information as well as offers from us. And it also means that Nuun will be at every race running and hydrating the masses.

Want to get involved?

There are 3 different ways you can run with Nuun and Ragnar this year.

1. Win a FREE Entry to the Florida Keys 2014 Relay

In celebration of this new partnership we’re co-hosting a national contest along with Ragnar Relay Series.

Running enthusiasts can enter on Facebook for a chance to win a free team for the ever popular and quick-to-sell-out 2014 Ragnar Relay Florida Keys!

To enter ‘like’ both Ragnar Relay Series and Nuun on Facebook and enter to win here.

2. Get Your Team Sponsored by Nuun

As the official hydration sponsor we have a responsibility to make sure that you stay hydrated during your Ragnar Relay Series adventure, so we’ll be on course serving Nuun at Major Exchange 6 and the Finish Line.

But we’re also giving away a Nuun Team Hydration Kit to the first 3 teams to register for each 2013 race at who enter the promo code teamnuun at checkout!

After your registration goes through you’ll be contacted by Nuun as your Relay approaches to coordinate receipt of your hydration kit. And don’t forget the promo code cannot be applied to existing teams and may not be combined with any additional promotions!


3. Stay Tuned to Run With Nuun

You’ve seen Nuun bring people together to relay before, and we’re ready to do it again! Stay tuned for more information on how to apply to join one of our teams or win one of your own. We have lots of exciting plans for each race in store.

31 Responses to Nuun to Hydrate Ragnar Relay Series

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  2. I’m running the Tennessee Ragnar and would love a Nuun Hydration Kit, but we registered before seeing this! Any way we can still get in on this sweet action? I only drink Nuun!

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  4. I used the code but nothing happened. Did you get all 3 teams?

  5. Are all 3 promo codes already used for the Florida Keys Ragnar 2014? I tried the “teamnuun” promo code when I started to register my team and it says that “This promo code is not valid.” Any idea?

    • Contact Ragnar to get your promo code added. We don’t think all of the slots have been used yet…

      • Thanks for the reply Nuun Admin.
        The race director just got back to me and said that he’s turned it over to the person that works with the sponsors and I’ll hear back from her in 2 weeks.
        The problem is I just had my first taste of Nuun at the Atlanta Marathon Expo and I LOVE IT! And now I’m pretty bummed that I lost my chance at all the Nuun Guudness! :)

  6. We just signed up for Florida Keys Ragnar. How about Nuun being our sponsor? We are the best team so it seems like a perfect fit! Nuun all the way to Key West.

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  8. I just registered a team for the Canadian Ragnar and used the promo code. I hope we’re one of the first 3 teams to do so. We all love Nuun products and I would love to have a hydration kit to share with my team!

  9. Hello! My team is a team of 12 female bloggers called “Run to the Desert? We Thought You Said Dessert!” We would love to run for Team Nuun! We registered long before we knew there was a way to enter the Nuun promo code. If there any way for us to run for Nuun even though we already registered? Please let me know if there is. Thanks so much!!


  10. Team Chafin’ the Dream is stoked to have used the nuun promo code for NWP 2013! This is our 5th year running…we LOVE nuun!

  11. Wait! Is Nuun Sponsoring alllll Ragnar Relays?? Does that mean you’re coming to Canada!!! I’m so excited…especially if you put together a Canadian team…hint, hint! It’s about time we got some Nuun love up here!

  12. This is really exciting! I hope we’ll get to see Nuun at more and more races! Woo hoo!

  13. This is really, really exciting. I hope we’ll get to see Nuun at more and more races!!!

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  15. It is going to be fun… Love your products! <3

  16. Hey Nuun, I love that you’re sponsoring Ragnar Relays all over the nation, and that you’re even extending that to a few lucky teams for each race, but why are you punishing those teams that are the most loyal to the Ragnar series by not letting those teams (teams that register really early) get in on this awesome give-a-way?

    “…promo code cannot be applied to existing teams …”

    Our team literally ran on Nuun in 2012. We registered the day Ragnar opened registration for NWP 2013, and in the end we get screwed for our loyalty? Throw us super loyal teams a bone will ya?

  17. I love nuun and ragnar!! I’m so excited that they are teaming up!!

  18. Jennifer McElroy

    Team Hot Legs would love to run in Ragnar Florida Keys, fueled with Nuun : )

  19. Super HUGE congratulations!!!! Nuun is the best!

  20. Oh man!!! 2014…I’m soo in! I will be putting blood sweat and tears into my entry to be on that team.

    LOVE NUUN…Am desperately looking to do a Ragnar!

    Congrats Nuun on the collaboration! Excellent Move!

  21. Love Nuun! Ran Ragnar last yr in June and Nuun was absolutely essential to my ultra team staying hydrated in the heat.

  22. EEEK, so exciting!! And since I’ll soon be a Floridian, it’s perfect timing! :)

  23. This is so exciting!

  24. SOOO excited for this news! Love Nuun & Ragnar, love to see you working together this year!

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