Andrew Fast Featured on La Sportiva

Andrew Fast is an endurance athlete and a great Nuun ambassador.

He loves tri-berry and lemon lime Nuun.

Traveling with an objective, like riding the length of Patagonia or putting up a speed record on a sub-range of mountains, is something that shapes him and that will be part of his life until the world ends. 

He grew up reading The Surfer’s Journal and later The Alpinist, wanting to be the person in those stories.  Now, he and his friends are the people who write for the magazine and is grateful to have gotten there.  At 26, he’s realizing how much the endurance community has enriched his life, he’s focusing on giving back and strengthening relationships with the industry.

Andrew Fast was recently featured on La Sportiva in On Running. If you love running you should be sure to check it out!


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  1. What a sexy beast, that Andrew Fast!

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