#Nuuntrition Twitter Chat

We recently hosted a Twitter chat with our nutrition specialist. In case you missed it, here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

How do Nuun tablets differ from a powder?
Our tablets are effervescent, which aids in nutrient absorption. It’s an added bonus that it’s fun to watch.

Can I take in too many electrolytes if I drink Nuun on my days off? In particular, I’m worried about sodium.
Too much sodium can have negative long-term effects, so we recommend limiting yourself to 2 tablets on your off days. If you find you need help staying hydrated, you can break them in half to make four drinks. You can also try Nuun All Day, which is lower in sodium.

What is the difference between Nuun All Day and U Natural Hydration? Which would you recommend for the average person with a desk job that attends yoga?
Nuun All Day contains fat-soluble vitamins, and U Natural doesn’t. U Natural has more electrolytes to help you stay hydrated during yoga, however if you’re attending hot yoga, you’d want to use Nuun Active.

What are the keys to Nuun working as it does?
The complete electrolyte profile keeps you hydrated, the light crisp taste promotes water consumption, and low carbohydrate levels help prevent the onset of GI issues.

Is it hard to find the right ingredients and combine them to come up with new flavors?
Yes, but mostly because we have high standards to ensure our products taste good!

My puppies love drinking Nuun out of my bottles. Is it safe for them?
Absolutely! They can drink Nuun, but not in the same quantities as you. We recommend consulting your vet to determine the appropriate amount.

Nuun Helping Ragnarians Stay Hydrated Again!

As the official hydration partner of the Ragnar Relay Series – and Ragnar Trail Relays, too – we have a responsibility to make sure that you stay hydrated during your 200 mile adventure!


As always, we’ll be on course this year serving Nuun at major exchange 6 and the finish line. Make sure to stop by and say hello, because you’ll also be able to get your limited edition Nuun/Ragnar bottle!

Ragnar Hydration Station
AND we’re giving away #TeamNuun Hydration Kits to the first THREE teams that register for each race! Simply use the promo code RR15SNUUNT at checkout.

After your registration is submitted, we’ll reach out to let you know if you’ll receive a Team Hydration Kit. Remember, the promo code cannot be applied to an existing team or combined with other promotions.

ragnar team

Races that still have #teamnuun spots available are: Atlanta, Zion, Snowmass, Chicago, Appalachians, Wasatch Back, New England, Northwest Passage, Colorado, Tahoe, Angel Fire, Cascades, Adirondacks, Washington DC, Vail Lake, Tennessee, Napa Valley, Hill Country, McDowell Mountain, and Las Vegas.

Ragnar finish line
We look forward to seeing you on the roads and trails! As always, remember to drink fluids and stay hydrated!

Apply for 2015 Team Sponsorship

Nuun is now accepting applications for the Team Sponsorship program for 2015. If your sports team is looking for a hydration sponsor, now is the time to apply for sponsorship from Nuun. Nuun sponsors teams from a variety of sports: cycling, triathlon, running, adventure racing, and youth among others.

There are many perks of being a Nuun sponsored team, including:

  • Discount code to share with your team.
  • Team Spotlights on Nuun’s blog and Facebook.
  • Team profile on nuun.com
  • Opportunity to get support from Nuun on your team’s special events on a case-by-case basis.

Team responsibilities:

  • Ongoing support and promotion of Nuun within your communities
  • Logo placement on jerseys and/or uniforms
  • Tag Nuun in photos of your team staying hydrated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@nuunhydration)
  • Logo on the team’s website where other sponsors are listed


The application window for Team Sponsorship will close on February 1st. We’ll begin notifying accepted teams in the beginning of January 2015.

Nuun Active vs. Nuun All Day


At Nuun, we make a range of products that all support your daily hydration needs. They are designed to help you consume more fluids throughout the day, without worrying about an excessive consumption of added sugars or calories. Our top two selling products, Nuun Active hydration and Nuun All Day, both are available in the same convenient, effervescent tablet, but they serve different functions.


Nuun Active Contains:

+ An optimal electrolyte profile (Na, K, Mg, Ca)

+ No added sugars

+ Electrolyte levels consistent with average sweat losses

It should be used while exercising

Nuun All Day Contains:

+ 17 vitamins & minerals

+ No added sugars

+ Nutrients for immune & bone health

It should be used for daily hydration

The main difference between Nuun Active and All Day, is how they are used. When you’re working out, you want to replenish what you lose (via sweat) to maintain performance. Nuun Active helps by providing a balanced blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to help retain fluid, and maintain proper muscle function.

Nuun All Day, contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that can be used as a daily hydration aid. A recommended four servings per day of Nuun all day can help you meet you daily hydration needs, which has many benefits. The grazing effect you get out of consuming All Day, will help give your body the right amount of nutrients helping you stay energized throughout the day. Both products come in aneffervescent tablet, which ensures precise dosing, and a convenient form factor.

Try one of ten Nuun Active flavors during your next workout. Or better yet, pick up some All Day to keep your hydration levels in check while you’re sitting at the office!