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Nuun Elites in LA

​This weekend, like all others, dozens of Nuun athletes are preparing for races and competitions all over the USA and Canada. The athletes will make sure they have their “race kit” (shoes, outfit, race bib, timing chip, water bottle, etc.) laid out and ready to go. They will be thinking about their pre-race hydration and nutrition, and perhaps even how they will celebrate post-race (usually a bit different than what they consume pre-race). These races might be the culmination of months or even years of training. At the same time all that is happening, 13 Nuun athletes are preparing for a race that might be the biggest event of their lives.

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Marathon Hydration with Kara Goucher

As I started my buildup to the Olympic Trials Marathon, I decided I was going to do everything I could to be the best athlete I could be on February 13. I revamped my training, I started spending a lot more time doing pre-hab, and I completely overhauled my diet. There was also one more step I took to make sure that I would be the best athlete I could on race day, I started seriously honing in on my hydration and nutrition in competition.

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​7 Yoga Moves for a Stronger Core

Sure, you can do thousands of crunches or hold a plank until you fall down, but there are more interesting—and effective—ways to get you that stronger core. Behold, 7 yoga moves to increase abdominal strength! After you get in from your next run or finish your lift, add on a few of these short yoga sequences. Before you know it, core work will be a more integral part of your regular workout routine, and your abs—not to mention the rest of your body—will thank you. A stronger powerhouse makes you a better athlete.

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Introducing new Nuun Active & Energy!

Over the past two years we’ve been busy at Nuun! Not only have we done our best to hydrate the masses, but we’ve also been working diligently on upgrading the Nuun formula.

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nuuntini testing: Nuun Sangria

Sometimes, you just need a glass of sangria. And sometimes, you don't want to make a whole punch bowl full of it or host a garden party to serve it. So this girl came up with her own single-serving version of sangria, with a hydrating Nuun twist!

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Recycle Your Tubes

Did you know Nuun tubes aren't just portable and waterproof, they're also recyclable?

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“Stop Running”

Regardless of your level of performance, most athletes will be injured at some point over the course of their life. How we choose to handle those situations can help us prevent further injury, as well as allowing us to grow and improve as athletes moving forward.

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Challenge: Move 16 Minutes!

For one week, we challenge you to move 16 minutes every day!

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​Cowbells, Beer-handups, and Bacon, OH MY!

The sport of US cyclocross racing culminates this week in Asheville, North Carolina, at the 2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. With a number of Nuun athletes competing in the event, including reigning national champion, Jeremy Powers (aka Jpow), we thought we would take a look at the unique sport of cyclocross, how a beginner might get involved, what kind of nutrition/hydration plan makes sense, and the quirky side of this rapidly-growing discipline of bike-racing.

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2016 New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. As 2015 wraps up, we're looking ahead to 2016 and some changes we want to make. These are constant goals of ours, and we're always looking for ways to improve.

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